Who should consider a Barmaster?
Any venue paying for entertainment, or any venue that wants to keep all the income from their Jukebox should contact us NOW to book a free no obligation demonstration (click here).

Which areas do Touchmaster cover?
We have customers in England, Scotland and Wales.

Where are Touchmaster based?

We are the only Touchscreen multi-entertainment company with offices in Scotland and England.

Who are our current customers?

Our customer portfolio is varied, we work along side corporate giants such as Enterprise Inns PLC and independent sole traders.

Do we have an after sales service / customer service?
We place great emphasis on 'The Customer is King', with TouchMaster great customer support comes as standard!

Will the Barmaster work with my existing TV's and Audio Equipment?
Yes, we can connect the Barmaster system to your venue’s existing TV and Audio Equipment.

I have got no sound system in my venue currently, can I still have a Barmaster system?
Yes, we can either supply you with audio equipment at a small charge included in the monthly rental, or we put you in touch with suppliers that can supply you with audio equipment at a good price.

Are the music and Karaoke tracks updated on the system?
Yes, we send out an update disk monthly that has all the latest music and karaoke tracks on it.

Is there any charge for monthly content updates?
No, when you rent a Barmaster system the price includes free monthly updates.

What are the benefits of having a Barmaster?
The Barmaster gives you entertainment pre-planned or impromtu 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and if you take the jukebox option also allows you to generate income from the playing of music tracks.

How do customers know what karaoke tracks are on the system?
We supply karaoke books that the customers can browse through to select which songs they want to sing.