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The BarTab is a hand held tablet which plugs directly into an existing TV via an HDMI lead (supplied).
It does everything its big brother the Barmaster does, however it does not have karaoke, Jukebox or DJ Master on it.

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The Barmaster with coin slot.

The 17 inch touch screen gives you a traditional coin operated jukebox, as well as a coin operated karaoke jukebox, which is fixed to the bar facing your customers, allowing them to make and pay for their own selections.

Remember there is no profit share, you keep all the income, and retain the keys to the coin box.

When you want the Barmaster to cross over to non coin operated mode ie group entertainment, simply swivel the touch screen to face the bar staff, input your security code, now the system is ready to relay to your TV screens the following – Karaoke, Disco, Quiz, Racing, Bingo, Raffle, Lucky Keys, Adverts, Hi Lo Cards, Spin The Bottle.

The group entertainment mode is fully automated, and was designed to replace host based paid for entertainment.

The Barmaster without coin slot.
Does all of the above without the jukebox and karaoke jukebox. This system is located behind the bar, allowing only bar staff to use the system.

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